Terms and Conditions
Kindly be informed that Terms and Conditions is based on our verbal agreement between you and the Agency. Please call us immediately if there is any discrepancy.

Engagement of Tutor

It is a well established practice in Singapore that the commission paid to the tuition agencies is 50% of the first 4 weeks tuition fees. Agencies may occasionally negotiate lower commissions for very short term tuition assignments.

Please note that for a change of tutor or termination of an assignment within the first month (which is the first 8 lessons for a twice-weekly assignment or the first 4 lessons for weekly assignments), parents /student will have to pay the pro-rated tuition fees based on the number of lessons that have been conducted.  In other words, 50% of the fees will be due to the Agency and the balance 50% to the tutor directly.

E.g. Tuition fees is $200 for 8 lessons. Should you decide to cancel the tuition after the 4th lesson, you will pay the Agency $50 and the tutor $50 (all in you pay $100 for the 4 lessons - $200 divided by 8 lessons = $25 per lesson).

Both Tutors and Parents are expected to commit to minimum one month of tutoring. This is to enable both student and tutor to get used to each other’s learning and teaching style.The Agency will arranged for another suitable Tutor replacement upon request from the parent if required.

Location of Tuition

Tuition will be held at the Client’s current residence unless otherwise requested or indicated. It will however be subject to the Tutor’s agreement and discretion if tuition is carried out at another location other than the Client’s residence.  Tuition fees, as such, will have to be paid in advance.

Collection of Agency Commission

Upon completion of the 4th lesson (or the 2nd lesson for once-weekly lessons), the Agency will arrange to collect 50% of the total monthly tuition fees from parents. This is our Agency’s commission for supplying the tutor.  An invoice will be issued to you for settlement of the commission. You may then arrange for a cheque to be sent to the Agency or  call us to arrange a collection of the fee from you directly.  The remaining 50% of the total monthly tuition fees will be paid directly to the tutor at the end of the 8th lesson (4th lesson for once-weekly lessons). For all subsequent months, please pay the tutor 100% of the tuition fees.

The Agency does not condone the changing of commissions or tuition fees without the authority or knowledge of the Agency by tutors in any way. Please notify us immediately if the tutor tries to re-negotiate on the tuition fees, the commission payable to us or tries to bypass the Agency. This is to avoid any misunderstanding or disputes that may arise out of the fees that have been agreed upon by the tutor and parent/student earlier. It is also a matter of integrity and professionalism which the Agency adopts.


The Agency will assist in resolving issues or disputes that may arise between tutors and parents/students . Although instances of such nature are rare, we cannot make guarantees but will try to resolve disputes arising from it to the best of our ability.


Upon acceptance of assignment, both tutor and student/parent agree to indemnify  A 1 Tutors free from and against, any and all losses pertaining to damages, liabilities, claims, judgment, settlements, fines, costs and expenses (including reasonable related expenses, legal fees and costs of investigation) of every nature whatsoever incurred by A 1 Tutors by reason of / or arising out of /or in connection with the assignment.