Terms and Conditions
Tutors must be minimum 18 years of age and above.

Must be a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident or possesses a Valid Employment Pass.

Minimum qualification – ‘O’ Level, Diploma or ‘A’ Level Certificate and having good grades in the subjects you wish to teach.

Tutors should be prepared to show parents or students their relevant certificates, credentials or I.C. for verification upon request on the first day of lesson.  As in the case of  MOE trained teachers, they are required to show proof to parent or student to verify their status as an ex or current school teacher.

Tutors must be honest when registering their qualifications or credentials as the Agency takes a serious view on any attempt by Tutors to deceive the Agency, Parent or Student.

Terms of Tuition Acceptance

Both Tutors and Parents are expected to commit to minimum one month of tutoring. This is to enable both student and tutor to get used to each other’s learning and teaching style. Should parent or student however, decides to cancel tuition before the one month period, parent will need to pay for the lessons carried out based on a pro-rated number of lessons done. The Agency will arranged for another suitable Tutor replacement upon request from the parent if required.

The Tutor is expected to completed at least one full 4-week term of tuition with student, failing which, the Parent / Student or Agency has right of refusal to make good any payment for tuition fee owing to the Tutor.

Service Commission

A 1 Tutors charges a one-time commission for each student recommended by the Agency.  This will be according to the standard market commission, i.e. 50% of the first month’s tuition fees . For example, if there are 4 lessons (based on once a week tuition), the Agency will collect 2 lessons’ fees and if there are 8 lessons (based on twice a week tuition), the Agency will collect 4 lessons’ fees and so forth.
Fee Payment and Collection

A 1 TUTORS will collect the commission from Client direct . The details and mode of payment will be made known to Client upon a successful assignment . Tutors will collect their part of tuition fees owing to them direct from the Client when lessons have been completed and payment is due.


A 1 Tutors will not act as an arbitrator or mediator pertaining to conflicts or disagreements arising between the Tutor and Parent / Student but am more than prepared to offer our views, advice or suggestions.